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Inclusive Team Skills

15 Jul 2018

The evolution in dental business is aligned to established business models across all sectors – all of which rely upon planning, clinical skills and robust support services. Over the years, since dental nurse registrations became mandatory, the attitude of many dental nurses toward their professionalism has dramatically shifted. Most dental nurses now fully understand the responsibilities and potential of their role, which leads them to perceive themselves as ‘dental professionals’, rather than as ‘having a job at the dentists’. Their work is becoming increasingly exacting and challenging. As a result, there is a good argument for nurses in larger teams to focus on their treatment room work, rather than splitting their time between treatment room and reception as the skills and aptitudes required to excel clinically are not necessarily the same skills required for non-clinical excellence.


As a result of this new team focus, it’s a logical step for dental employers to recruit from outside of dentistry and 'buy-in' advanced non-clinical skills. When recruiting for non-clinical roles they look for skills developed in business, customer care or sales environments. This is massively beneficial as long as the new recruits can rapidly gain a working understanding of dental regulations, the practical needs of dental professionals and the ethics and culture of the dental sector. There are a number of programmes offered in home learning formats which provide a 'practice pathway' introduction to dentistry and these can be undertaken before the recruit starts their new employment.


The aim of such programmes is to provide factual information then, using a series of questions and tasks, to encourage the new recruit to reflect on their learning and to interact with their new colleagues by asking questions to create positive working relationships while building knowledge and understanding of dentistry. The Fast Track into Dentistry for Non-Clinical Dental Professionals is an example of such a course. With this programme learners are required to send work for assessment and discussion with an allocated tutor. The knowledge and skills that need to be covered during the induction process include:

  • The backdrop to the dental profession.
  • The role of dental professionals.
  • Infection control and safe working.
  • Charting and Record keeping .
  • Dental equipment and non-clinical environment.

Some practices have attempted to recruit for administrative roles from non-dental backgrounds with limited success. No doubt there are a wide range of reasons for the results they have achieved. Starting a new career in a new profession is a bold step for anyone, one for which the quality of support and the availability of accessible information is frequently a 'deal maker'. The recruitment process is a costly exercise and yet one which when completed competently has the potential to realise great benefits for the team and the practice. Although practice induction procedures will no doubt be clearly defined in your personnel management processes, it‘s worth considering using a resource such as a fast track introduction to dentistry course not only for non-clinical staff but also as a sorting exercise to gain insight of the learning and study skills of those embarking on a dental nursing career- Click on this link for  for full details of our fast Track welcome to dentistry course_ http://www.glenys-bridges.co.uk/course.aspx?id=10159


Having been employed as a head dental nurse for many years, I'd reached a point in my career where it was 'make or break'. I was struggling to find a potential employer whom would take me seriously in wanting to progress into practice management and had numerous unsuccessful interviews. I found Glenys Bridges Dental Practice Management course online and thought I would give it a go. Little did I realise at the time of enrolling that this course would open up new doors for myself and give me the knowledge and confidence to succeed into practice management. As the course progressed, so did my confidence. I looked forward to my tutorials and the course is set out in a way which tackles each topic in an order which is easy to digest. I can honestly say that this course was the turning point in my career and I am now the proud practice manager of a lovely orthodontic practice. I love my new role and am utilising many things learnt in the course such as people management and business planning. I cannot thank Glenys Bridges enough for her support and feel very lucky to have had such a knowledgeable mentor.

Shelley Lord

The course was very specific and has a lot off new informations to me and I really enjoyed reading the notebook. * the high point was when I reach to know about the different types of management theories and the hierarchy theory. * I really gained a lot off new informations about the management styles and the main differences between management and leadership. * The tutor was very easygoing and as non English native speaker the tutor was very clear when she was explaining to me and in all classes that I had and she was happy to answer all my enquires. * I think I got all the support to finish my course with a good understanding and a good amount of knowledge. * I like to say thank you for your great support and care and I hope to join the next level of course as soon as I can.

Issa Al Husaini , Introduction to Practice Management (Induction Course)

I have found the Team Lead Dental Nurse skills a really useful training course. Becki has been a great support throughout the course with regular contact sessions. Not only has she given me support and advise through the course but also on a personal level giving me examples and support on a real life basis within my job role. Which I found helpful during the first few weeks of me new position.

RP, Advanced Team Leading Skills for Dental Nurses -S 1

I now have more confidence with distance learning after doing this introduction course. I am looking forward to working with Glenys in the future. Many thanks.

Michelle Hammond, Introduction Operational Dental Practice Management

I am doing a Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Dental Practice Management with Rebecca Morris. I'm really enjoying the course so far, I am currently working my way through my second unit of work, after achieving 100% on my unit 1. The support provided by Becki every week is just brilliant, she explains everything I need to know in order to complete my course work. The regular phone calls keeps motivation throughout the process. I'm also finding the course is already taking effect in day to day work, which is extremely useful! Overall brilliant course and amazing tutor!

Sarah Toye, Advanced Supervisory Dental Practice Management Skills S3

For me being new to the management field, this course has opened my mind to new thinking ways and leadership styles .. it was easy to digest and clear to follow specially having Becki my tutor, thing wear smooth as she was very supportive and always available to be contacted..

Yassmen Al lawati Sr. dental nurses ( conscious sedation), Introduction to Practice Management (Induction Course)

The course was well designed with lots of content useful to lead dental nurses. Being able to work independently but knowing there was support in the form of course notes and tutor backup. Glenys was very accommodating -offering tutorials and very prompt feedback via email. I am already implementing some of the advice & information I received. I can not fault the support I received and would highly recommend it to friends and colleagues.

SP, Advanced Team Leading Skills for Dental Nurses- S2 HEE

Absolutely loving the course so far and I have put into practice everything I have learnt , Edita is a fantastic tutor and puts her heart and soul into teaching. looking forward to the next part of the course

HH, Advanced Team Leading Skills for Dental Nurses -S 1

I thought the course was very informative and value for money. I feel much more confident in my role than i did before. I felt my tutor was amazing, she was so supportive of me and believed in me when i did not believe in myself. I would recommend this course to all dental nurses as its content and structure is faultless, and will give you the confidence you need to be a great leader.

Heidi , Introduction to Team Leading Skills for Dental Nurses- Home.

The course is well laid out and practical in terms of the skills required for Practice Management. This has given me valuable learning in order to go ahead and have the understanding about how to tackle situations that arise in management. Glenys is always supportive and offers sound and easy to understand advice and guidance. I would recommend this course to anyone hoping to pursue a position in Practice Management or to support anyone currently within the role.

Jo Wrigglesworth, Level 4 Dental Practice Management

I have just completed the care coordination course with Edita, who was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. She gave me the confidence to believe I was able to keep going, even in the areas I found tricky. The course has developed my skills and confidence and will be used in my day to day work life.

Christine , Level 4 Certificate in Dental Care Coordination

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