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Lead Dental Nurse Skills

30 Mar 2017

To make the lead dental nurse role a viable career option, it must be supported with formal training and skills assessment to assure that those dental nurses in lead roles have the ability, resources and support needed to make and effective and rewarding contribution to the team.  This training must build their;

  • Confidence
  • Knowledge of how to use best practice techniques for leading and developing teams of dental nurses
  • Leadership and management skills, so that they can excel in their role and realise benefits for patients, employers and colleagues.

When the skills of the four domains are merged and support each other, lead dental nurses can ensure that the clinical and technical performance their dental nurse teams meet required standards. Full details of the requirements of the four domains of dental education is available in ‘Preparing for Practice’ document on the GDC website www.gdc-uk.org

The need for lead roles to be part of the modern dental team arises from increasing demands placed up on Registered Providers and Registered Managers to meet ever more complex regulatory requirements, in the interest of patient care. In large organisations responsibility for the work carried out is devolved through a complex management structure so that the organisations strategic leaders can be confident that requirements are met for the success of the business.

There is a significant leap between being an excellent dental nurse with superb clinical skills; and being a lead dental nurse with responsibility for overseeing the work of other dental nurses. The lead dental nurse needs to set standards and provide feedback to colleagues on their performance. Success in the lead role depends on:

  • Role clarity
  • Support from practice management
  • Leadership and management training

With all of the above in place the post holder is more likely to have the confidence the role requires. If the lead nurse lacks confidence they will lack credibility and find they have to deal with resistance or confrontation and which will ultimately undermine their success in achieving their roles objectives.  The key skills for success are included in a new Level 4 Certificate in Team Leading Skills for Dental Nurses.

See http://www.glenys-bridges.co.uk/course.aspx?id=10179

This course is Quality Assured by Innovate Awarding and covers each of the four domains of dental education, to demonstrate the role of the lead nurse in maintaining the highest standards of well-led dental care, which are inclusive and enable each dental nurse to meet their full potential within the team.


Practice Management Competency 2 day course - Excellent course


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