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How to Make Staff Meetings Verifiable eCPD

04 Feb 2019

Dental Team Training Lead

Professional excellence is the results of highly trained individuals working as a team. The dental profession is now highly regulated and dental education is orchestrated through specific criteria which are set and monitored by the General Dental Council.(GDC).  The Dental Education structure follows-through to, enhanced Continued Professional Development (eCPD) which is also defined in regulation; and aims to build on the foundations of dental education throughout every practitioner’s professional life.

It is entirely the responsibility of each dental professional to improve their skills and knowledge continuously,  however, when each person completes their eCPD in isolation it’s unlikely that the team will become increasingly cohesive and build continuously upon the practice’s policies that are designed to realise its values, mission and goals.

When a new registrant qualifies as a dental professional, they will have knowledge and undertaking of what both the profession and the public expects of them., and then when they become part of a team, they will need to realise how their team works together to maintain its professionalism

The role of  a Team Training Lead is craft team training activities to ensure that the practice, delivers outstanding, patient-focused care.

Dental teams should not overlook the importance of including non-registrants in the team training programme, the Team Training Lead should create induction and ongoing training programmes for every team member to ensure that each person can fully contribute to excellence in patient care and support the work of their colleagues.

Who should take the role?

The Practice manager may choose to take on this role or to delegate to a senior team member. Registered Managers and Registered Providers are ultimately accountable for how dental care is delivered. In the interest of sustainability, the Registered people need to make sure that each aspect of practice life is well-led, this means having sufficient staff, with the right skills in place. Outstanding care cannot be achieved when management spreads itself too thinly.  When they appoint team leads, with the skills and the time to make a difference they are demonstrating excellent leadership.

The team training lead is a senior team member with an interest in training and development


The Team Lead and enhanced CPD?

The quality assurance(QA)  standards that must be met before training is acceptable as verifiable eCPD are set and published by the GDC.  Training can be considered to be verifiable CPD when it meets the GDC QA standards. This involves quality measures to be implemented before, during and after training and required administrative and record keeping measures to be in place. The work of the training lead to ensure quality assurance requirements have been met and that the quality standards are audited, evaluated and maintained year on year so that the team have the knowledge and skills to perform their work to a consistently high standard.

Each team meeting could focus for 1 hour on a selected  practice policy,

reflect on significant events and consider practical  ways the team can continually improve this selected aspect of patient care  

What training do they need?

The skills for the Team training lead are many and varied. Some of these skills developed during their  work within a dental team, other skills may be either new to them or may need to be formalised in with additional training such as

  • Mentoring- to ensure that each team member has a go-to person to offer them guidance, information and support as and when required
  • Skills of dental educators –to structure training and development to enable the team to grow and develop and to meet pre-set outcomes
  • Meet the GDC Quality assurance requirements- understand the importance of Standards for the Dental Team Verifiable CPD and how to meet pre-set quality standards
  • Keeping accurate training records – ensuring that all record keeping meets the required standards
  • How to conduct evaluations- using evaluations to drive quality improvement
  • Effective reflective practice- building mindfulness and reflection into the training process

Building confidence and competence in these areas enables the individual to develop programmes that directly benefit the team and its patents. The Senior management need to be kept informed about the team training functions and so the Team Training needs to be able to produce a training report, which will to place concise information in front of the management so that they are fully aware of progress of team training activity and the impact this is having of the work of the team and ensure not team member is removed from the register as a result of failing to meet their professional development requirements.

How can we help?

During 2019 Glenys Bridges and Partners Practice Pathways (GBPPP)  will introduce a range of Team Lead Programmes designed to equip the dental team to grow and develop team’s their professionalism. The new programmes build  upon the already established Lead Dental Nurse, Lead Receptionist and Mentoring in Dental Teams Programmes

Each of GBPP team lead programme begins with an Introductory programme to introduce our unique learner-lead distance learning delivery method. The fee and work for the Introductory course will be transferred to the full Quality Endorsed programme when the learner chooses to progress to the full course.

Full details of our training programmes can be found on our website


Quality Endorsed

Open College Network


Having been employed as a head dental nurse for many years, I'd reached a point in my career where it was 'make or break'. I was struggling to find a potential employer whom would take me seriously in wanting to progress into practice management and had numerous unsuccessful interviews. I found Glenys Bridges Dental Practice Management course online and thought I would give it a go. Little did I realise at the time of enrolling that this course would open up new doors for myself and give me the knowledge and confidence to succeed into practice management. As the course progressed, so did my confidence. I looked forward to my tutorials and the course is set out in a way which tackles each topic in an order which is easy to digest. I can honestly say that this course was the turning point in my career and I am now the proud practice manager of a lovely orthodontic practice. I love my new role and am utilising many things learnt in the course such as people management and business planning. I cannot thank Glenys Bridges enough for her support and feel very lucky to have had such a knowledgeable mentor.

Shelley Lord

I now have more confidence with distance learning after doing this introduction course. I am looking forward to working with Glenys in the future. Many thanks.

Michelle Hammond, Introduction Operational Dental Practice Management

I am doing a Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Dental Practice Management with Rebecca Morris. I'm really enjoying the course so far, I am currently working my way through my second unit of work, after achieving 100% on my unit 1. The support provided by Becki every week is just brilliant, she explains everything I need to know in order to complete my course work. The regular phone calls keeps motivation throughout the process. I'm also finding the course is already taking effect in day to day work, which is extremely useful! Overall brilliant course and amazing tutor!

Sarah Toye, Advanced Supervisory Dental Practice Management Skills S3

I have really enjoyed the course and it as helped me a lot in the day to day running of a happy practice

lynn major, Advanced Team Leading Skills for Dental Nurses- S2 HEE

The course is well laid out and practical in terms of the skills required for Practice Management. This has given me valuable learning in order to go ahead and have the understanding about how to tackle situations that arise in management. Glenys is always supportive and offers sound and easy to understand advice and guidance. I would recommend this course to anyone hoping to pursue a position in Practice Management or to support anyone currently within the role.

Jo Wrigglesworth, Level 4 Dental Practice Management

very good course, had all the help and support that i needed plus more! Really feel like I have benefited from the course.

Georgia Fowle, Introduction to Dental Reception Skills

This course as a whole has been invaluable to me and I have my tutor Edita to thank for all of it – throughout the entire time Edita has been an enormous support, she is highly competent in what she does and has taken the time to thoroughly explain things when needed – I have felt at ease throughout the entire course knowing she is there for me any time I needed her and with her positive feedback she has made me feel completely confident in my abilities moving forward in my role – again a huge thank you to Glenys Bridges for the course but an added thank you to Edita for all your time, effort and support 😊

Jess Vivyan, Advanced Supervisory Dental Practice Management Skills S3

I found the course really helped me as I'm newly lead nurse. I found Becki really helped me with different approaches to leading my team. I even spoke to Becki about helping me with preparation to selling our practice. Becki is a great teacher and really cares for the people she helps.

ET, Introduction to Team Leading Skills for Dental Nurses- Home.

This course was a great course to complete alongside my working week. I was able to complete studies at my own pace and receive support from tutors whenever needed. The high point of this course was learning how to performance manage and support my staff effectively to ensure they develop fully in their career. This also means that the business get the best out of their staff. I have benefited hugely from this course as it has given me the confidence to manage my practice effectively and provided me with the knowledge to apply to my work. The tutor support with Gleny's Bridges is second to none. I was able to receive support and advice whenever needed. I would definitely recommend them as a course provider.

Amy Littler , Level 4 Dental Practice Management

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