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CPD Team In-House Workshops- Team CPD

Course Type: Workshop

Course Price: £599.00
Deposit: £50.00

Course Code: In-house CPD Trainin

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These two-hour CPD programmes are in-house, tutor lead whole team training sessions. 
Each topic will be  crafted to meet development needs identified within your team
Training is ‘impact assessed’ in line with your team’s Personal Development Plans
Training can cover one or more topics- in multiples of 1-2 hour basic training units
Basic unit  fee includes notes and certificates for your team

Training topics cover:

1        Professional Development Planning

          Aims to:

  • Plan development activity to meet regulatory and business needs
  • Identify required continuous improvements in quality and patient care 
  • Plan practical measurable steps


  • Team development investment s will lead to measurable outcomes
  • CPD carried out will be in-line with GDC requirements
  • Individuals will recognise their on-going professional development 

2        Team Communication Skills

          Aims to:

  • Introduce New GDC Standards  for the Dental Team - Section 2
  • Show how communication can increase patient cooperation
  • Recognise to what extent patients understand treatment options
  • Information sharing within a multidisciplinary practice.


  • Recognition of patients concerns and individual needs
  • Meeting GDC Standards for in respect of patients individual needs
  • Agreeing on practice standards for data processing

3        Complaints Management

     Aims to:

  • Refresh knowledge of practice complaint handling policy and procedures
  • Deal with complaints in line with published service standards
  • Create and maintain reliable records as evidence of activities.
  • Consider practical ways to ensure the lessons learnt to contribute to service improvement


  • Apply audit and self-assessment processes to assess the effectiveness of policy and procedure
  • Determine team levels of involvement and referral pathways
  • Involve each team member in a patient-first culture in response to patients’needs

4        Delighting Patients

          Aims to:

  • Outline needs and expectations at each step of the patient journey
  • Specify procedures to exceed expectations
  • Identify ways to build procedures into day to day working routines


  • Agree on working procedures for quality audit
  • Work as a team toward the practice goals
  • Develop existing customer care measures to ensure the best use of practice resources

5        Information Governance

          Aims to:

  • Provide an overview of Information Governance Requirements
  • Consider potential Information Governance implications
  • Assess existing provision for securing information


  • Create, use store and destroy patient records 
  • Determine access to computer and paper-based information systems

6        Mental Capacity

          Aims to

  • Cultivate a team approach to MCA compliance
  • Introduce the five principles of the Mental Capacity Act
  • Build policy auditing and procedures
  • Clarify record keeping requirements


  • Understand MCA in the context of dental care
  • Identify practical ways to meet policy and procedure requirements
  • Enhance the quality of patient care

7        Mentoring

           Aims to:

  • Provide an introduction to peer mentoring skills. 
  • Identify skills and techniques for mentoring success in the current professional climate.


  • Place learning into a team context
  • Demonstrate  practical applications for learning
  • cascade learning  and best practice to new and junior team member
  • Chart the individual, social and intellectual development and changes in attitudes and motivation.

8           Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

             Aims to:

  • Explore case studies to safeguard and promote child welfare
  • Outline principles and processes for effective collaboration
  • Identify the need to develop working relationships in the interest of children


  • Delegates will be able to implement measures to ensure that actions and responses made within their workplace are in the best interests of children and comply with professional regulations.

9        Ethical Selling

             Aims to:     

  • Set call objectives
  •  Access decision makers
  • Structure calls
  • Engage clients
  •  Manage objections and negative responses
  • Present a friendly, professional and confident telephone persona
  • Build client relationships based on trust and respect
  • Close sales to reach sales targets set by the company 

10      Whole Team Audit Skills

Aims to:

  • Introduce techniques to assess and evaluate practice policies and procedures
  • Recognise policy development requirements
  • Initiate Quality Circle activities


  • Policies and procedures contribute to the continuous development of patient care
  • To recognise team roles in quality management

Full day – 6 hours bespoke CPD Training and follow-up assessments           £999.00

Half-day session – 3 hours Training and follow-up assessments                   £599.00

For more information and to book your session- call Glenys on 07973361390


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I found this course extremely helpful in explaining how I as a dental nurse can help to assist the dentists and the patient during a rubber dam procedure. I am interested in completing further training in placing rubber dam myself, especially with the current circumstances p.

Hannah Berwick , Introduction to rubber dam for dental nurses-Individual CPD

It helped me understand why a rubber dam is used

Ss, Introduction to rubber dam for dental nurses-Individual CPD

I really enjoyed learning what it takes to become a care coordinator and the skills needed. Emma was such a great help in developing my knowledge beyond my potential. I am really grateful that that I had her as a tutor as she made me gain further understanding of how this role should be applied in practice. I am looking forward to put this new qualification to use and I hope to pick up more qualifications from this platform :)

Sarah Nsiah- Amoakoh, Higher Skills in Dental Care Coordination

I found this implant dental nursing ECPD course extremely useful. I am the lead dental nurse at my practice and we are in the process of our new implantologist starting. I knew nothing about implant nursing before this course but now I know terminology, the difference between a sterilised nurse and a non sterilised nurse, the correct way to set up the surgery and so much more. This has given me the basic knowledge I require to assist our implantologist.

Hannah Berwick, Introduction to Implant Dental Nursing- Instant CPD

My third course with Glenys and I would definitely recommend to anyone great help along the way and flexible tutorial times ! Can’t wait to start the next one!!

Lucy Willis, Dental Lead Roles for Care Excellence 2020-Team CPD

I recently completed the Advanced Team Leading Skills for Dental Nurses S-1. I have 20 years experience of working as a dental nurse and stepped into the role of a lead nurse a few years ago. Although I am a very experienced nurse I initially found stepping into this role a bit tough as I wasn't used to managing others and didn't like asking the other nurses to do things. I would actually do them by myself rather than ask. Throughout this course I learnt that it is important to allocate and delegate tasks to the other nurses.This gives me time to do other tasks I have to do and also makes the other nurses role more enjoyable as they are being given the opportunity to do something different. I had Edita as my tutor and she was fantastic. She was very upbeat and passionate when we had our tutorials each week. Her passion also made me feel motivated. This course and Editas support made me believe in myself. I would highly recommend and look forward to doing further training with Glenys Bridges in the future. The best part of this course for me was gaining my Certificate of Acheivement.

Lisa Clark, Advanced Team Leading Skills for Dental Nurses -S 1

I have been a member of the Glenys Bridges team for over a two and a half years, and have been treated with respect and care ever since. Glenys is very professional, enlightening and insightful to individual student needs. My tutoring sessions with her are really amazing and transformative for me, and she helped me to progress from a Lead dental nurse to Practice Manager. I was going through a rough time and I wasn't sure I would make it, but she showed me that I am important and helped me get through the tough time. Thank you for the past few years, I’ve really enjoyed working with you, and I feel it has been a valuable experience. I have already recommended your services and will continue to do so!

Patrycja Galonzka , Level 5 Diploma for Dental CQC Registered Managers (RQF)

I have completed the Higher Skills for Lead Dental Nurses course with the amazing tutor Edita. Edita is such a warm and friendly person with unavailable knowledge and experience. She helped me to go through the whole course smoothly, without stress and always with good advice. During all tutorials, Edita was giving me support and she motivated me to believe in myself and my future. The skills and knowledge I gained during this course help me every day at work to be a good and confident Lead Nurse. I put into practice everything I have learned and I love to share my knowledge with my colleagues. I would higtly recommend all courses provided by Glenys Bridges and Partners to everyone

Justyna P, Higher Skills for Lead Dental Nurses- S2 Home

This course has been extremely enlightening, useful and enjoyable. The workshops for me were the highlight of the course as its great to interact with others and have all that lovely information explained to you. As I am about to help set up a new business the whole course has set me up to do this with knowledge , tools and confidence. Glenys is a great tutor and offered as much support as I felt I needed and never put me under pressure. I feel sad I have finished the course but hope to attend workshops run by Glenys in the future. Many thanks Sandra Kudla

Sandra Kudla, Advanced Dental Practice Management Skills S3

I am a mature student and without the encouragement and the belief I my ability I truly believe I would not have been able to complete the course. As a result of completing this course I feel that as a Dental Nurse I have both gained confidence in myself and my ability and have a wealth of new knowledge to use in my job. I can not thank you enough Edita x you are amazing x

Heidi, Advanced Team Leading Skills for Dental Nurses -S 1

I've just completed my Course in High skills in Dental Care Coordination and I honestly couldn't recommend Glenys Bridges enough. Had continuous support from Edita my tutor throughout the Course to help me achieve it! The webiste is simple and easy to use to upload work. I have gained great knowledge on Care Coordination and I am very happy I did my course with Glenys Bridges! Highly Recommend

Zoe , Higher Skills in Dental Care Coordination

This course was a great course to complete alongside my working week. I was able to complete studies at my own pace and receive support from tutors whenever needed. The high point of this course was learning how to performance manage and support my staff effectively to ensure they develop fully in their career. This also means that the business get the best out of their staff. I have benefited hugely from this course as it has given me the confidence to manage my practice effectively and provided me with the knowledge to apply to my work. The tutor support with Gleny's Bridges is second to none. I was able to receive support and advice whenever needed. I would definitely recommend them as a course provider.

Amy Littler , Level 4 Dental Practice Management

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