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Level 5 Diploma in Strategic Dental Team Leadership

Course Type: Blended Learning

Course Price: £2,700.00
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Course Code: L5SPM

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Unit 1:  Leadership for the Practical Applications of Regulatory Standards

Training Objectives:  Following this training the participants will be able to:

  • Recognise ways to embed statutory and quality requirments into practice activities
  • Develop a team structure  responsive to scope of practice requirements
  • Ensure all practice activities fulfil stakeholder requirements
  • Develop collaborate leadership- management working practices
  • Building Practice Policies and Procedures

The Main Aim of this Unit

This unit highlights the links between strategic management, leadership and practice direction, and the skills to be able to apply this understanding.

This unit investigates current thinking on leadership influences an organisation’s planning to meet regulatory requirements.

Learners will examine the links between strategic management and leadership, particularly the skills a leader needs to support organisational direction. The unit will help learners understand the impact of management and leadership styles on strategic decisions in differing situations.

Applying management and leadership theories and models to specific situations will enable learners to assess their impact on professional strategy. The unit will draw on a selection of established principles, including the influence of emotional intelligence on leadership effectiveness.

This will enable learners to assess how organisations can plan to meet current and future leadership requirements.

Unit 2:  Responsible Leadership

Training Objectives: Following this training the participants will be able to:

  • Understand What Teams Need From Their Leaders
  • Define Responsible and Accountable Leadership styles
  • Define Milestones, Tolerances and Team Reporting
  • Develop Communication Skills
  • Create a practice structure for decision making

The Main Aim of this Unit - learners will be able to

Learners will understand concepts of leadership in dental teams and explore differences between leadership and management, using Maxwell’s ‘5 Levels of Leadership’ hierarchy

Leadership -Learners will explore assigned leadership and emergent leadership communication behaviours, personality, and social identity theory.

Management – Learners will apply principles of responsibility and accountability responsibility, delegation and the obligation of subordinates to perform duties, responsibility toward staff, performance standards, projecting results and reporting results as well as accountability to senior managers, owners, stakeholders.

Learners will define a decision making process taking into account the practice vision, values and goals and leadership: vision for future; values shaping actions; goals feeding into action plans; leaders create and communicate vision, engage and motivate; get buy-in, principles of operational planning and how to use some of the common tools and techniques.

Unit 3: Personal Skills and Aptitudes for Team Leaders

Training Objectives: Following these training programme participants will be able to:

  • Recognise Own Qualities and Strengths
  • Handle Own And Other People's Stress
  • Optimise Time Resources
  • Carry Out Reflective Practice

The Main Aim of this Unit

 This unit is designed to enable learners to take responsibility for their learning and development needs to gain the personal and professional skills needed to support the strategic direction of an organisation.

Learners can achieve this through analysing their current skills and preparing and implementing a personal development plan. This unit highlights the importance of seeking feedback from others to improve performance by continuously reviewing learning needs.

 The development of appropriate personal and professional skills will allow learners to cope with demanding responsibilities and career progression. Learners will conduct a skills audit to evaluate the strategic skills they need to meet current and future leadership requirements and then use it to identify their preferred learning style.

This will also inform the structure of a personal development plan. Evidence for this unit needs to be generated continuously throughout the qualification, enabling learners to take ownership of their development needs. Learners will need to demonstrate that they have a regularly updated and realistic personal development plan that fits with their preferred learning style. This unit will also enable learners to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of their time management against present objectives


Unit 4 -System Design, Measurement and Improvement

Training Objectives: Following these training programme participants will be able to:

Understand the role of process design, audit and evaluation in the continual development of dental care provision management

Design, management, and improvement of the systems that create an organisation's services

  • Recognise the Extent to Which Care and Services Meet Stakeholder Expectations 
  • Use Audit Processes to embed quality in systems and processes
  • Use Evaluation  and Reflective Practice to Enable The Team to Move Forward

 The Main Aim of this Unit

This unit highlights how the interests of stakeholders may overlap.

The business owners want to see growth, patients want excellent care – as supported by GDC guidelines, dental professionals want employment opportunities, a fulfilling work and job satisfaction developed to shape care provisions and meet shareholders requirments.

The interests of stakeholders may also conflict. This unit will consider the application of quality management elements and techniques for auditing provision so that it is part of a continually developing quality spiral.

The unit will develop a whole team quality based management structure plan to ensure that dental services meet the highest possible quality standards 

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