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Glenys Bridges and Partners Practice Pathways

Our courses were designed with you in mind

The Dental Profession requires all of its members to maintain high standards of academic and professional development so that they can provide excellent standards of patient care. Glenys Bridges and Partner Academic (GBPA) and its sister site Glenys Bridges and Partners Professional (GBPP) provide a comprehensive range of exciting coached and distance learning programmes for those wishing to develop and maintain excellence in supervisory and dental practice management skills.

Our Academic programmes are accredited by the Open College Network (West Midlands) and offer a staged pathway with our level 4 and 5 qualifications and Advanced and Higher Level programmes so that learners can build on their previous academic success.

On the GBP Professional site, our short professional programmes offer eCPD meeting with GDC requirements.

All of our courses and qualifications were designed with you in mind, and we will continue to develop the qualifications you need to provide your patients with outstanding care and treatment.

About you

At a time of increasing opportunities for dental professionals, it makes sense to invest in training and development to extend your skills sets.

We recognise how demanding it can be to study for a professional qualification whilst balancing work and home responsibilities; so we have designed a range of flexible training programmes to enable students to maintain a work-life balance, whilst developing academic, professional and personal management skills.

This is how our courses work:


All of our programmes are tutor led. Each student is guided by a personal tutor; distance learning students benefit from the ability to choose when and where they study with the support of a mentor/tutor. In addition, we have a growing number of training partners, some of whom offer our courses in workshop formats. Details are available on request.

Each programme teaches a range of recognised legal and ethical codes which dental professionals must observe. This enables students to embed GDC and Quality of Care regulations into their professional development.

Online aspects

Learning materials and a range of reference materials are provided online. Students work is uploaded directly onto our online Student Pathway where tutors access your work to provide feedback and guidance.

Our learning materials are set entirely within the dental practice workplace so that students can contextualise the learning for their own practice.

Courses consist of subject units each of which has Learning Activities to develop knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, Course Notes and Assignment Briefs to guide the content of assignments for assessment.

Course Fees

Course fees can be staged (and paid by instalment if requested). On booking, you will pay a booking deposit. The remainder of your course fee will be paid on the invoice; payments can be spread over nine instalments on request. An additional examination fee will be charged for qualification courses only.

Assessment fees for our quality endorsed programmes are included in the course fee. Our Programmes are Quality Endorsed by the Open College Network West Midlands – an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation.

Glenys Bridges

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Dental Practice Managers Facebook Community

An online community for practice managers and receptionists with management duties

Practice managers are possibly the most diverse group of managers in the world. Their diversity covers every spectrum from education, management experience, practice size, age, gender.

There's potential for diversity to bring about amazing benefits for businesses and individuals when a range of diverse elements are networked together.

In order to apply to join this group and benefit from the wealth of experience and support this closed secret group of accepted members offers - click on this link send me your Facebook ID:

Dental Practice Managers Facebook Group

Dental Practice Managers Facebook Group Dental Practice Managers Facebook Group Join the Dental Practice Managers Group

Meet the Team

Glenys Bridges. CMIPD, Dip DPM

Glenys Bridges

Over many years of experience in training and consultancy with all types of dental practices and having developed qualifications in practice management, reception and treatment coordination I have trained more than 1,000 dental professionals. Over the years I have been a regular contributor to dental journals and have spoken at Conferences throughout the UK and in Europe. If you are one of those, who read my practice management articles, or bought my books, you will know something about my work. If you don't, here's a bit about me.

I am the managing partner at Glenys Bridges and Partners Practice Pathways , specialising in delivering training and qualifications for dentists, nurses, practice managers, receptionists, treatment coordinators and mentors. I strongly believe in a whole team approach for high-quality patient care, and this is evident in my approach to training and development. Now more than ever the greatest investment made by dental practices is in their people, my mission is to ensure my clients see an excellent return on their investment.

Some of the many highlights of my career to date (I hope there'll be more to come) include:

  • Authoring four dental management books (Dental Reception and Practice Management & Dental Practice Management)
  • Being awarded the British Dental Association (BDA) Certificate of Merit
  • Developing and delivering training events for dental practice staff in Australia
  • Being a member of the judging panel for The Dental Awards since 2003-2019
  • Helping found the British Dental Practice Managers Association (BDPMA)
  • Speaking at numerous BDA Conferences
  • Delivering team training for the Defence Dental Agency in Germany

In my spare time, I am a Girl Guide leader and enjoy visiting the theatre.

And finally, my favourite quotation that sums up my attitude to life is:

"When you can't change the direction of the wind — adjust your sails."
- Quote from well-known American author of Life's Little Instruction Book. H. Jackson Brown Jr

Rebecca Morris (Partner) Dip DPM

Coach / Tutor at Glenys Bridges and Partners Practice Pathways


Rebecca Morris

I am very much a 'people person' and enjoy spending time motivating like-minded dental colleagues. My passion is supporting dental professionals in their work.

After working for 16 years as a dental practice manager, I met my mentor Glenys and studied for level 4 and 5 management qualifications.

My work has included running a two-site dental business in the Southampton area as their Business Manager. My responsibilities were to grow the practices and increase their profitability by supporting and guiding their practice managers.

I have also worked for DPAS Ltd, where I supported 140 dental practices in the South and South East, by sharing my dental practice management knowledge to help them to build and market their businesses.

At a time before dental nurses were registered with the GDC, I was part of the team that created the Dental Nursing Magazine; this publication has allowed the dental nurses to have their say and is widely known and respected throughout the dental profession. I have also developed and run local training and support groups for dental nurses.

I enjoy working with the general public and working closely with dental teams. I strive to build good working relationships and would like to pass on my know-how to help new managers gain important skills and recognition.

Our Partners

We work with the following trusted partner organisations to provide an ever-growing range of management services and team development opportunities:

EP Denta

Edita Pociuviene EP Denta

Successful people are not gifted - they work hard, stay focused and succeed on purpose!

Everyone can do it - I will show you how!

I have worked in dental practices for over 19 years and what a journey it has been!

Starting my career in a clinical role, I soon realised I was really enjoying being more involved within the practice. I naturally took on a leadership role and soon discovered my ability to influence my team and achieve great results through people. Yes, I have struggled too and made mistakes. It was not always smooth sailing but my determination soon lead me onto the path of business and compliance management.

Working in Private, NHS, Specialist Referral and Implant Training Clinics, gave me a good insight into the business of dentistry and the power of great leadership. Everything I did then and do even more now, is driven by passion and genuine interest to get the best out of people and help them find fulfilment in their roles. Results always translate into a better working environment, productive teamwork, higher levels of motivation and happier patients who will generate further business. That's what keeps me going and it's so powerful!

My ultimate goal is to help dental professionals discover their confidence, build their knowledge and skills so they are ready to take control when it comes to creating and maintaining systemised, compliant and profitable dental practices with patient focused systems and committed teams.


Dawood and Tanner Academy

In June 2015 Glenys Bridges Practice Pathways joined a collaboration with Dawood and Tanner Academy, to continue to provide existing programmes in an extended range of formats, including workshops from our Central London training rooms. The Academy consists of three divisions:

  • Dental Nursing Pathways
  • Non-clinical Pathways
  • Specialty Training for Dental Surgeons

Dawood and Tanner Academy is an accredited training centre, delivering:

  • NEBDN Qualifications - including their latest flagship Dental Implant Nursing Programme
  • Lifetime Awarding Qualifications in a wide range of non-clinical skills for dental businesses
  • Certificated Extended Duties Dental Nursing training

Dental Reception and Supervisory Management

Dental Reception and Supervisory Management

Dental Reception and Practice Management 2nd Edition is the dental office administrator's essential companion to all aspects of reception work and supervisory practice management duties. The book covers vital interpersonal skills and the important aspects of business management and marketing relevant to dentistry. In addition, it explains the development of dental care, enhancing the reader's understanding and awareness of the necessary clinical aspects of dentistry.

Buy Now >

Dental Practice Management

Dental Practice Management

This book has been written to show a range of management theories in the context of dental practice management. Since the early 1990s the management role in dental businesses has become increasingly formal and structured. A significant milestone in this evolution was the introduction of the Health and Social Care Act 1998 which places a requirement on practices to deliver on a range of patient focused quality management requirements. With authoritative bodies appointed in all regions of the UK to measure compliance this book can help practice management teams to set and implement quality standards.

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Quality Endorsed

Open College Network


Having been employed as a head dental nurse for many years, I'd reached a point in my career where it was 'make or break'. I was struggling to find a potential employer whom would take me seriously in wanting to progress into practice management and had numerous unsuccessful interviews. I found Glenys Bridges Dental Practice Management course online and thought I would give it a go. Little did I realise at the time of enrolling that this course would open up new doors for myself and give me the knowledge and confidence to succeed into practice management. As the course progressed, so did my confidence. I looked forward to my tutorials and the course is set out in a way which tackles each topic in an order which is easy to digest. I can honestly say that this course was the turning point in my career and I am now the proud practice manager of a lovely orthodontic practice. I love my new role and am utilising many things learnt in the course such as people management and business planning. I cannot thank Glenys Bridges enough for her support and feel very lucky to have had such a knowledgeable mentor.

Shelley Lord

I now have more confidence with distance learning after doing this introduction course. I am looking forward to working with Glenys in the future. Many thanks.

Michelle Hammond, Introduction Operational Dental Practice Management

I am doing a Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Dental Practice Management with Rebecca Morris. I'm really enjoying the course so far, I am currently working my way through my second unit of work, after achieving 100% on my unit 1. The support provided by Becki every week is just brilliant, she explains everything I need to know in order to complete my course work. The regular phone calls keeps motivation throughout the process. I'm also finding the course is already taking effect in day to day work, which is extremely useful! Overall brilliant course and amazing tutor!

Sarah Toye, Advanced Supervisory Dental Practice Management Skills S3

I have really enjoyed the course and it as helped me a lot in the day to day running of a happy practice

lynn major, Advanced Team Leading Skills for Dental Nurses- S2 HEE

The course is well laid out and practical in terms of the skills required for Practice Management. This has given me valuable learning in order to go ahead and have the understanding about how to tackle situations that arise in management. Glenys is always supportive and offers sound and easy to understand advice and guidance. I would recommend this course to anyone hoping to pursue a position in Practice Management or to support anyone currently within the role.

Jo Wrigglesworth, Level 4 Dental Practice Management

very good course, had all the help and support that i needed plus more! Really feel like I have benefited from the course.

Georgia Fowle, Introduction to Dental Reception Skills

This course as a whole has been invaluable to me and I have my tutor Edita to thank for all of it – throughout the entire time Edita has been an enormous support, she is highly competent in what she does and has taken the time to thoroughly explain things when needed – I have felt at ease throughout the entire course knowing she is there for me any time I needed her and with her positive feedback she has made me feel completely confident in my abilities moving forward in my role – again a huge thank you to Glenys Bridges for the course but an added thank you to Edita for all your time, effort and support 😊

Jess Vivyan, Advanced Supervisory Dental Practice Management Skills S3

I found the course really helped me as I'm newly lead nurse. I found Becki really helped me with different approaches to leading my team. I even spoke to Becki about helping me with preparation to selling our practice. Becki is a great teacher and really cares for the people she helps.

ET, Introduction to Team Leading Skills for Dental Nurses- Home.

This course was a great course to complete alongside my working week. I was able to complete studies at my own pace and receive support from tutors whenever needed. The high point of this course was learning how to performance manage and support my staff effectively to ensure they develop fully in their career. This also means that the business get the best out of their staff. I have benefited hugely from this course as it has given me the confidence to manage my practice effectively and provided me with the knowledge to apply to my work. The tutor support with Gleny's Bridges is second to none. I was able to receive support and advice whenever needed. I would definitely recommend them as a course provider.

Amy Littler , Level 4 Dental Practice Management

I've just completed my Course in High skills in Dental Care Coordination and I honestly couldn't recommend Glenys Bridges enough. Had continuous support from Edita my tutor throughout the Course to help me achieve it! The webiste is simple and easy to use to upload work. I have gained great knowledge on Care Coordination and I am very happy I did my course with Glenys Bridges! Highly Recommend

Zoe , Higher Skills in Dental Care Coordination

I am a mature student and without the encouragement and the belief I my ability I truly believe I would not have been able to complete the course. As a result of completing this course I feel that as a Dental Nurse I have both gained confidence in myself and my ability and have a wealth of new knowledge to use in my job. I can not thank you enough Edita x you are amazing x

Heidi, Advanced Team Leading Skills for Dental Nurses -S 1

This course has been extremely enlightening, useful and enjoyable. The workshops for me were the highlight of the course as its great to interact with others and have all that lovely information explained to you. As I am about to help set up a new business the whole course has set me up to do this with knowledge , tools and confidence. Glenys is a great tutor and offered as much support as I felt I needed and never put me under pressure. I feel sad I have finished the course but hope to attend workshops run by Glenys in the future. Many thanks Sandra Kudla

Sandra Kudla, Advanced Supervisory Dental Practice Management Skills S3

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